April 5th 2016

On November 22nd 1963, the United States of America was attacked and overthrown in a violent Coup d’état when President John F. Kennedy was brazenly assassinated in Dallas Texas. This, arguably the greatest crime of the 20th century, occurred in broad daylight before the eyes of 100’s of witnesses. The general public was conned to believe that the assassination was carried out by a crazed lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald while the real assassins covered their tracks and got away Scott free.

Using the technology of Reverse Speech and recently released audio, the pieces of this treasonous act have slowly been put together by David John Oates, the founder of the technology.

David has discovered speech reversals found on Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin, Jack Ruby, who was ordered to kill Oswald, Lyndon Baines Johnson who ascended to the Presidency as a result of his cooperation with the Coup, and the real mastermind of the plot, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover was operating in conjunction with a consortium of high powered men in the Halls of Washington, as well as the Israeli government. Johnson was aware the coup was taking place, approved of it, but had little knowledge of the specific operational details.

Lee Harvey Oswald was working for the US government, his loyalties were with the White House, and he had knowledge of the assassination plot as early as August 1963. For reasons that are unknown at this stage due to lack of audio on Oswald, he ended up in Dallas and was set up as the fall guy for the assassination. He knew who the real assassins were and was ready to reveal this information. His remarks following his arrest protesting his innocence and claiming he was a patsy are totally true. The real assassins consisted of three men, one of whom was a mafia hit man named James Files who fired the fatal head kill shot. These men, and their bosses worked in cooperation with Hoover. They took out JFK with 5-6 shots, 2 of which missed their target, and 3-4 which hit.

The Warren Commission, set up by President Johnson to investigate the Kennedy assassination, was aware of many of these details. Their investigations showed that a conspiracy of vast proportions had taken place. For reasons that are unknown due to a lack of recordings, they decided to bury their findings and endorse the lone assassin theory.

Why did this occur?

David is still analyzing more reversal in efforts to discover hard evidence of why such a plot was put in motion. However, existing reversals reveal powerful men were unhappy about JFK’s election in the first place and had been watching him closely since his inauguration. They also tell us that they wanted Johnson to be President.

Kennedy was upsetting the status quo. The changes he was proposing, and the people he was upsetting, are too numerous to mention. There were many reasons for wanting Kennedy out of office, including but certainly not limited to, Bobby Kennedy’s aggressive prosecutions and investigations into the mob. There was also Kennedy’s threat to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, as well his desire to dismantle the “vast military Industrial complex!”

Two days after Kennedy died, the new President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared that he will not “lose Vietnam” during a meeting with US Ambassador to South Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge, in Washington, and troop escalation in Vietnam began. Gradually over the next few months Johnson changed the whole power structure in Washington. The CIA’s existence was now assured and the direction that Kennedy had been taking the country in had been permanently altered. The Coup d’état had been successful and no one suspected a thing. Additionally, Bobby Kennedy left the position of attorney general a year later and mob harassment was significantly reduced.

The details of the Coup, as far as we know it, are explained in the resources linked to on the right of this page.

“Where Do I Start?”

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